Deltabeam Preselection

Dear Peikko’s Customer Software User,

You are here to install Peikko’s Deltabeam Preselection Software to your computer. The development and support for that is now discontinued.

Peikko launched last year a new preselection tool, Peikko Designer® DELTABEAM SELECT, to replace the old preselection software. We concentrate on the new tool and develop it based on users’ feedback. This new DELTABEAM SELECT service provides you more features and is updated on a more regular basis. The new DELTEBEAM SELECT provides you many benefits: it is always up to date, easy to learn and fast to use. In addition, you can save your projects and print your designs which helps you when presenting them to your colleagues or authorities.

Please go & test our new Deltabeam SELECT on-line tool

If you have questions or comments please post them in our support e-mail:

Best Regards, Peikko’s Software Team